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Staff Bookkeeper

Below are what I have determined to be the vital duties of the Bookkeeper position with E3 Bookkeeping Tulsa. Obviously this is a preliminary list and could change as the company grows. By change I am referring to direct reports for whom this position would be responsible.  The pay rate is $18 an hour. This will start out at 30 hours a week.

  • Bookkeeping for multiple clients
  • Must have a strong bookkeeping background.
  • Must be able to complete reconciliations and monthly closings for multiple accounts and work with multiple business models.
  • End of month Financials for each client and the understanding of them
  • Monthly document management. Must be able to manage the work flow and documents for these clients so that all clients are complete by the designated dates.
  • Client communication when documents are missing and coordination of how/when we can pick up or expect via email/download delivery of documents
  • Pulling reports for clients and if necessary giving perspective on what is right/wrong with their information.
  • Pulling reports for client’s CPA’s/firms for tax or consulting purposes.
  • Answering questions for CPA’s
  • Relationship management
  • Must be comfortable answering phones as needed.
  • Project management: when on-boarding new clients, you will be responsible for coordinating all activities between the team center and the client to make sure progress continues and problems are managed quickly and efficiently.
  • Other duties will be determined and discussed.

Send resumes to srumley@e3bookkeeping.com