Frequently Asked Questions

No! Cleaning up books is E3B’s specialty. Even if you’re managing your business using a spreadsheet and keeping receipts in a shoebox, our certified bookkeepers can get everything up to date, in order and working to support your business.

Having a bookkeeper is one thing. But do you also have controls in place to catch errors, omissions and dishonesty? Plus, is your bookkeeper spotting red flags about your finances, putting the maximum effort into capturing every tax write-off and keeping books that can protect you in the event of an audit? If not, E3B’s certified bookkeepers, secure technologies and checks-and-balances accountability can make a huge difference not just to your bookkeeping, but to your ability to grow your business.

If money is tight for your business right now, you can’t afford to wait to get things cleaned up. You need to know TODAY where you stand with tax liability, cash flow, how much you can afford on capital expenditures, and whether you’ve got too many people, and where it might make sense to cut. E3B easily pays for itself by arming you with this critical dashboard control of your business.

Used right, bookkeeping is one of your most powerful business success drivers. Plus, with E3 Bookkeeping, the “evil” of dealing with books and getting reports gets downright easy.

The truth is, you’re out of control now if you don’t have monthly P&Ls and a clean audit trail. Besides, with E3 Bookkeeping, it’s not giving up your books, it’s bringing in a team of certified bookkeepers who become experts on your business. Their knowledge, efficiency and accuracy give you all-new control over day-to-day issues like payroll and cash flow plus the numbers you need to make strategic decisions, get loans, seize opportunities, and spot red flags in time to save your business.

Our teams are in Tulsa, OK. Because we’re right here in the United States, you never have to worry about problems with communication or confusion over tax write-offs or other business issues.

From data entry to preparation of monthly business dashboard reports, your books are handled by some of the best-certified bookkeepers in the field. Plus, each team of bookkeepers is overseen by a highly experienced Team Lead who reviews the work and is at hand to address any questions that arise.

We believe bookkeeping is a team function, not an individual one. We review all the work that is completed. If needed we will work with your CPA on items that we feel he/she should advise.

We will manage to download all of your financial information. We utilize two software partners (HubDocs and Ledger Sync) that allow for automated downloading of financial documents from most banks. Those that don’t partner with the software we go and get ourselves.

Our goal is to have your financials to you as quickly as possible. It all really depends on how quickly we can get the financial documents needed for final reconciliations.

It varies from client to client. We will work with you to set up a process that is as efficient and information you need to make critical decisions about your business.

You can call and converse with your bookkeeper at any time. However, the Operations Director and Owner are available to you at any time as well.

Bookkeepers going to clients’ offices is how things used to work. However, our centralized method with all the work flowing through our TeamCenter allows for greater efficiency and maximizing the security of any client data.

We use a cloud-based document storage system called BOX that uses the strongest encryption on the market. They currently protect systems for Morgan Stanley and Intuit.

Our bookkeepers must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience of full charge bookkeeping. As it stands, our least experienced bookkeeper has 20 years’ experience. Even with all the years of experience, at the end of each month, the Director of Operations reviews the work of each bookkeeper to ensure accuracy.

We are a full-service bookkeeping team. The only thing we don’t do is payroll. With the number of high-quality payroll providers out there, it makes more sense to let them manage that piece of the puzzle. Their systems are excellent at what they do. However, we will help facilitate payroll for clients with their payroll provider.

We bill our clients once a month. Clients have the option of paying via ACH or Credit/Debit card, whichever is easiest.